Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pride. (In the name of love for your teeth.)

I was visiting my parents a couple of weeks ago when my Dad came in and said something like, "Hey, kid. That's quite the blog you've got." and I was all, "Thanks, Dad... WAIT. DID YOU SAY BLOG? WHO TAUGHT YOU ABOUT THE INTERNET????"

Up until that point it had never occurred to me that my parents were even really aware of my blog, much less reading it. Which got me to thinking... would they be embarrassed by anything I have written here? You know, because of all the swearing and whatnot that goes on around here.

The answer is... no. I don't think they would be. Because let's be honest, what parent wouldn't be proud of a kid who writes about things like how she maybe possibly forgot to brush her teeth this morning and is trying to cover it up by drinking coffee and eating mints and then puts it on the Internet so everyone else will know? Which may or may not have happened to me this morning? Hypothetically speaking?

I guess the point is that had I remembered to brush my teeth like a normal, responsible 3 year old, I would still have that $5 bill in my wallet. (Hypothetically speaking.) Live and learn... in KINDERGARTEN.

PS: Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Look! You are on the internet! Good for you! Internet high five! (I will teach you that one later.)

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