Saturday, June 21, 2008


I'm nearly 27... which I suppose isn't all that old, but I assure you that it certainly feels that way sometimes. Case in point, tonight.

Last night I did this super fun charity run thing, which was really awesome. I ended up not getting home until about midnight, which in my case is actually kind of late. I actually stayed up for a while and got into bed at about 2am. THAT IS CRAZY.

I slept in pretty late this morning and then went out all day. I got home at about 6. That is not late. That is early. So why in the heck did I feel like I was ready to go to bed??? At 6??? PM???? Because I am old.

I also effed up my shoulder somehow and now it really hurts. It is Saturday night and I am sitting at home, practically falling asleep in this here armchair with a heating pad on me. And this is where I shall stay. I am supposed to be at my friend's birthday party, but I am too tired and ouchy to convince myself to get all gussied up and drive downtown. Because I am old.

Am I a horrible person for bailing on my friends because I am tired? I don't know. However, one might argue that I would not be awesome company anyways because I would likely just be staring at a wall and saying "Whhhhaaaaaaaaaattttttt?" upon realizing that people are trying to talk to me. Also, I don't think you are supposed to drive when you can't really keep your eyes open. Right?

Yeah, I know. I suck.

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