Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One track mind.

Here I am, on day 2 of my media lounge duties... and I am REALLY BORED. There just aren't as many artists and cool dudes hanging around on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons as there are on the weekends. Oh well. I know this for next year.

However, today I brought my computer with me. This has allowed me to conduct some very important research on a variety of topics. The most important, of course, being the subject of ketchup chips.

I suddenly got an intense craving for these bad boys and could not stop thinking about them. So that led me to a Google search, which taught me that these are actually something of a regional delicacy. Apparently, they are not widely available in the US... and are considered to be a Canadian thing.

That's just crazy talk. How have those poor little creatures lived without the wonder that is ketchup chips??? They taste nothing like ketchup, but they turn your lips a divine shade of red that not even MAC could dare to duplicate.

They also turn your fingers bright red, which isn't really all that cool if you are over the age of 10... but if you were ever asked about why your fingers were so red, you could answer with something like, "Oh, that? I killed a guy. I scrubbed up really well, but it won't come off. DISS ON ME."

So yeah. Ketchup chips are awesome. And I still don't have any. BOOOOOO.

That is all.


brie said...

You forgot to mention the cool ketchup dude in shades on the bag!

Anonymous said...

mmmm... ketchup chips are the yums!