Monday, June 16, 2008

I hear ya, cartoon version of Elvis Costello.

Remember that episode of the Simpsons when Homer was at rock camp? Remember when they broke Elvis Costello's glasses and his response to such cruelty was, "Oh no! My image!!!"

That is how I feel right now about my stinking passport photo. I hate that my picture does not have my glasses. I love my glasses. I am never NOT wearing my glasses. (Except for those few times in Vegas, but that was a bust. I hated not wearing them.)

I know that my passport pic is going to look awful no matter what I do because a) I think it is mandatory that everyone looks like a damn fool in their passport pic, and b) I am really not photogenic. At all. But I would really rather look like a fool with a pair of glasses on my face.

A lady that I work with got hers done at a place that had a variety of frames with no lenses in them so that people who wear glasses can still wear them in the photo. I think that is brilliant. So I am seriously considering hopping over to the dollar store to buy some cheap ass readers so I can pop the lenses out and get my photo re-taken. Is this crazy talk? Am I being a baby?

I am just remembering how I used to get hassled all the time for having a drivers licence photo that looked very different from how I looked in person... and it was really annoying. This is something I could develop anxiety over. Because I'm that attached to my glasses.

Also, it should be noted that my mom's friend Celeste totally got pissed off about a bad passport photo and totally paid to get new ones because she refused to show it to anyone. This makes sense to me. You are stuck with the damn thing for 5 years. Gah!


brie said...

My passport photo is okay except for the fact that my hair (blonde at the time) looks transluscent.

On the other hand, my driver's license photo is HORRIBLE. I look like Courtney Love's chubbier, but still addicted to the drugs, sister who just got home from a wild bender and forgot to do her hair.

I do not know how an ICBC staff member could be so cruel as to not alert me to this and allow me a second shot at that photo---given that I would be stuck with it for 5 years. Seriously. It is awful.

sarah said...

Well, apparently I would be INSANE to go get them re-done. So I'll use the stupid idiot ones I have now. BUT I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. Grrrr.

Lydia said...

Oh my god, nobody except the customs people need to ever see this photo. Why did people bug you about your driver's license, did you sit around at lunch and compare photos?

sarah said...

No, I meant that every time I needed to show ID I would get hassled about it. I'd have to stand there forever while they looked at me, looked at the picture... then asked me a million questions to verify that it was really me. I guess it looked different enough for them to think it was a fake or something. ANNOYING.

Anonymous said...

go get a new photo.
and go to the wig shop on davie street. it's like between burrard and thurlow on the south side of davie.
the guy there is the best ever.
first off, he's gay. so he's vain and understands. and he takes like 20 pictures and lets you pick the best one.
he did my passport photo, and it's honestly one of the best pictures ever taken of me.
and it's regular price... like $5 for the pic.
for real. it's $5 well spent.

The Desperate Writer said...

my solution? make a cartoon version of you and tape it on the passport. can't do any better than that...