Monday, August 25, 2008


This morning I got changed no less than 3 times before I left the house. And this is not counting all the various combinations I had tried on BEFORE committing to outfit number one.

First I was all, "Okay this looks fine." Then I ate breakfast and when I went to put shoes on I was all, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This shirt and these pants can never be worn together. NEVER!" So I changed my shirt. And then I was all, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That looks ridiculous!" So then I changed my pants. And then I changed my shirt again. And then I looked at the time and though I still thought I looked stupid, I had to leave to catch the bus. So basically what I am saying is, some mornings I hate all my clothes.

The End.


brie said...

I hate those days.

Lydia said...

I liked your white shirt and black pants! I thought you looked real classy.

Anonymous said...

welcome to my life every day.

thank god i'm unemployed now, and can just wear yoga pants around my house.

sarah said...

Lyds, you will be pleased to know I gave the original outfit another go today. It seems to be working out okay!

Anonymous said...

I had that type of morning today, and it resulted in my pencil skirt riding up all day. :(