Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I heart you.

So like, fucking Valentine's Day is coming up. In celebration of this wicked awesome occasion (which I will spend by myself, bt-dubs) my boss has filled our candy dish at work with those little candy hearts that say things on them.

Typically, I enjoy these candies very much. They serve as a self-esteem boost at times when these sorts of compliments are not flying at you in a fast and furious manner. I mean, who DOESN'T like to pull out a piece of candy that says "I like U", "U R Nice", or "Sweet Ass"?

However, this batch is a bit of a dud. I was expecting something way cute, and what do I get?

"Love Talk".

LOVE TALK?!?!? What the hell? These things are supposed to make up for the LACK of that. Pfffft. Love talk.

Normally, I'd be all, "Suck it!", but I can't really say that. Cause that's exactly what I did to the candies. (They were delicious.)

1 comment:

brie said...

If only it had been REAL TALK!