Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seven Things

So there's this Twitter meme thingy going around where you write a blog post and tell people seven things about you that they may not know just from reading Twitter or your blog. I got tagged by @sugarmiss80, so here it goes...

1. I do not have pierced ears. I have my nose pierced and at one time had one in my lip as well, but nothing in the ears. Most people think that's really weird. Sometimes I think about giving it a try... but meh.

2. I still have my baby blanket. I used to keep it on my bed and sleep with it under my pillow for YEARS. I was seriously old when I stopped sleeping with it. It eventually migrated to the top shelf of my closet, but I never got rid of it. I think it is at my parents house still. I find it oddly comforting to know that it is still there. (Its name was (of course) Blankie.)

3. I am an accomplished trombone player. I started playing when I was 11 and played straight on through till I was about 20. I was freaking GOOD. Sadly, I haven't played it in years. Now when I try to play it mostly sounds like farts. (But like, really beautiful farts.)

4. I hate being alone in public places. It freaks me out. I was forced to do it when I travelled by myself but I do NOT like it. It is highly unlikely that you will ever see me sitting in a coffee shop all by myself, and you will DEFINITELY never see me eat at a restaurant alone. I just don't like not being able to talk.

5. I know all the words to "Gimme Dat Nut" by Eazy-E and can't hear the song without singing along. Cause I'm awesome like that. But that is the only time I ever sound that vulgar. I swear.

6. I watch "Save the Last Dance" and "Honey" pretty much every time they are shown on TV. Which means that I have seen each of them about a million times. And I'm not sorry.

7. I have weird childhood memories that no one else in my family remembers. They all think I'm crazy, but I swear they really happened. There are two in particular:

a) I was about 3 or 4 and was getting ready for preschool in the morning, when I got an attack of heartburn. I was standing in the kitchen and my dad was all, "WHATEVER, YOU'RE GOING TO SCHOOL." Can 3 year olds get heartburn? I think it's hilarious.

b) I was watching Magnum PI with my brother once when he turned to me and said, "Magnum PI is such a GAYLORD!". He then turned back to the TV and kept watching. I suspect he didn't really know what gaylord meant.

There you have it. Seven things you may not have known about me. Or perhaps seven things you totally already know about me, in which case I say, "Whatever. Suck it!" Haha, just kidding! You're awesome.


brie said...


I still sleep with my first teddy bear in my bed. His name is Golden Bear and he is too cute for words.

sarah said...

That is adorable. Makes me want to go visit my parents and search for Blankie!

Blankie is also adorable. It is yellow and white with these little bunnies all over it and has a ruffle around the edges. The ruffle has all but worn away, due to my habit of contantly rubbing that part of the blanket between my thumb fingers when I was nervous. Which was like, ALWAYS.

Anonymous said...

I already knew all those things, geeze come up with some new material. ha ha.

sarah said...

Didn't you read the part where I said "SUCK IT!!"?

Anonymous said...

I thought I was awsome?

Anonymous said...

I still have my first teddy bear too. Oh wait, crap, nevermind. My first teddy bear was this rockin Winnie the Pooh doll that my Mom patched up until it was unpatchable then she made me throw it away. I kept pulling it out of the garbage can and giving it goodbye hugs. Bummer.

I still have my SECOND teddy bear, a "Benji the Hunted" dog in a box up in my closet. One eye is scratched to hell and looks all cataracty, his head is all floppy because his neck is barely there anymore, and his tail looks like a dried out worm on the sidewalk. Whenever I see the thing, it looks like it's begging me to end it's misery. I call it "Ben-Kevorkian the Heavy-hearted now."