Friday, January 30, 2009

The piano has been drinking, but not me.

After the day I had today, I really felt like I should have been. (Drinking, that is.) Today was the day that I took on my first official writing duties. It was the most horribly stressful thing EVER.

But, I have the good fortune to have the kind of job where I can spin around in my chair and yell out random vulgarities until I calm the fuck down, so that I can get back to work. So that's what I did. And it was great.

I'm taking baby steps, but I'll get there eventually. When I *do* get there, I will blow your goddamn mind. (I'm going to be a writer. That is CRAZY!)

ANYWAYS... I ended my day by watching this at my desk with my homies. It's fucking HILARIOUS. I think I need to get some Tom Waits into my music collection. Enjoy!


brie said...

I sent this clip to my parents. My Mom has been obsessed with "Fernwood Tonight" since forever and is always checking to see if it's on DVD yet. And I was sort of raised on Tom Waits and Frank Zappa 'cos my Dad loves them both. I have a very clear memory of my Dad coming home and excitedly telling my sister and I that "Blue Valentine" was on CD and holding up his newly purchased copy. Um, yeah, them's my folks.

sarah said...

Your parents are awesome! A guy I work with is obsessed with Zappa, and as a result EVERY Friday before he goes home we listen to the finale from 200 Motels. We call it "The Drinky Drunk Song", because we like to sing along with "We're alllll gonna get wasted!" Awesome.