Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm having a real time of it...

The following events are what caused me to spin around in my chair and exclaim to my coworker, "I'm having a real time of it today, Rob. A REAL TIME OF IT!"

First off, I put this fancy new hair stuff in my hair. I like it, but I forgot to round brush my stupid bangs again, thus causing me to be annoyed with the way said bangs are sitting. The rest of my hair looks very beachy. It's nice.

Then I decided that I totally had time to make a latte, but only if I multi tasked by putting the coffee on and running away to brush my teeth in the bathroom. This is false. You do not have time to brush your teeth while you are making a latte. Because by the time your teeth are brushed you will run out into the kitchen, the espresso will be done and there will be no goddamn steam left for your milk. Then you will have to put your milk in the microwave, and that shit just ain't right. It is not the same. So do not attempt to brush your teeth whilst making a latte. Unless you make a latte in the bathroom, or brush your teeth in the kitchen.

Then there was the phone issue. I got my phone lines transferred at work, which meant that I had to un-forward my calls to my old number. I could not figure out how to do this, because the phone at my new desk is different than my old phone. We could only find a manual for the NEW version of the phone, which instructed me to simply press the "call forward" button twice. But my phone did not HAVE a "call forward" button. Hence my confusion. So THEN I got the bright idea to just switch the phones around. This involved me crawling around under my desk (in a shortish dress) trying to find the plugger-inner thinger. (That is the technical name for it, I believe.) I could not find the plugger-inner thinger, because it is apparently located far away from my desk and can only be found by following a complex trail of weaving wires. It took a very long time for me to realize that I could just remove this bottom platform thingy on the phone and unplug it from there. And then I felt really stupid and everyone laughed. (But to be fair, THEY could not figure it out either!)

Which brings us up to now. I've just gone ahead and continued to do EVERYTHING wrong today. And all I have to say about it is this:

Le sigh.

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