Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seven More Things.

This is for my sister, because she's a jerk and already knew that stuff.

1. Sometimes I really DO worry about living alone. If I got hurt, how would anyone know? It would be days before anyone tried to find me... Gah! So yeah, I'm not always joking about that.

2. I am a little bit psychic. I have had premonitions before. Usually they just come to me in the form of a thought. I'll just think about something happening and then it does. Sometimes they have come to me in dreams. I first realized this when I had a very vivid dream about my Grandpa dying. (I was 17 at the time.) About a month later it actually happened in the way I had dreamt about it. Creepy, huh?

3. I love to not speak. Sometimes I'll spend an entire day at home by myself without ever saying a word. I just think it's so nice to just SHUT UP every now and then. It makes me think about how sometimes when you are talking when you don't have anything to say you are really just throwing them away.

4. If you get your hair cut, I probably won't notice. At all. Unless it is like crazy different. This is because as soon as I see someone with a new look, I immediately forget what they used to look like before the change was made. So if you got your bangs cut but your hair is still long, it will look exactly the same to me. This is why I hurt your feelings by not noticing.

5. Using the microwave makes me nervous. Science tells me that I need not worry, but I am always convinced that the damn thing is going to explode right before it beeps.

6. Speaking of the microwave... I often tap dance in front of it when I'm waiting for my food to cook. I've been doing it since my parents got their first microwave back in the day. It just seems like the perfect time to tap dance. I mean, what else have you got going on?

7. I once had a play date with Jimi Hendrix's father. When I was little (maybe about 3 or 4?) my aunt was babysitting me at her house. Her boyfriend's family was quite close to the Hendrix family, and he was up visiting them. Apparently I danced? I don't remember it at all, but I wish I did. It's a cute story.

So there you go. Seven MORE things. Sister, I bet you know all of these too... but they are slightly more interesting, yes? If not, SUCK IT. Muah.


Anonymous said...

I knew everything except 2 and 3, I also have weird dreams that end up happening, and its always long before it happens. I am surprised by number 3 though, you never want to shut up when your around me. Ha ha ha ha. Now you will hit me next time you come over.

Family Matters said...

Wow, Sarah I am flattered, I made mention into your blog #7. By the way I too am a little bit Psychic.

sarah said...

Well, it is an interesting fact about me, and you were responsible for it! I wish I remembered it though. It's a pretty rad story.

Anonymous said...

I wish I took pics of you guys. It would have been a cool keepsake. I do have a pic of me and him, if you want me to email it to you I will. He was a really good man. Spent the day with him at Expo 86, and I even bought his drinks. It's a cool memory for me too.