Monday, October 23, 2006

Help me help you.

Dear Gamblers Anonymous,

I know you have problems with the gambling and I understand that it is very hard to deal with. That is why I am offering my services as a councellor. You talk, I listen. I am a very good listener, you know. I will gladly listen to you talk about your feelings regarding the gambling. Perhaps it might help you to get into specifics, like how one might best go about betting on NFL football. It's all in the details you know. Just get it all out there. I'm here for you man. I'm here for you.

So yeah, any time you are ready to talk about things... like say... how you used to go about making football picks and how that made you feel, you just let me know.



PS: This has nothing to do with the fact that I keep losing the football pool. Not at all. I just want to help... as totally un-selfish people are wont to do.


Lydia said...

my co-worker says your blog is really funny!

sarah said...

Thanks, co-worker! You are a delight.

Anonymous said...

LIARS!! Sorry, I lashed out.