Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello Goodbye

Today was the super-awesomest. You know you are in a good spot career-wise when you can down a shot of Jagermeister in front of your boss's boss and not think anything of it. GOOD TIMES. It is also super fun when the company is all, "Here kids. You just drink some beer and we will totally pay for it." Woot! That is what I am talking about.

ALSO... Dave and I went to the Reef for dinner and it was THE YUMS. So effing delicious. Plantain chips and jerk chicken... mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I gave him tips about all of my favourite places to visit in Australia and it looks like he will end up going to some of the same places. This is super awesome, because I want to see if they have changed in 4 years. Plus, it will make me happy to think about being there again. However, this does have a downside... which is that Dave will be gone for 7 months and I will miss him ever so dearly. There are not many kids around here that like to eat ribs while listening to Marvin Gaye and watching cartoons.

Now it is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold in here and I am going to go to bed. Brrrrrr.

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