Monday, October 16, 2006

The No Fun Club.

This morning when I was making my tea I managed to cut myself and I started bleeding. It was no fun. No fun at all. So I put on a Pirate band-aid. But it didn't really fit right because it was not the long kind... it was more like those square kind. Those do not work well on fingers. It was annoying.

But do you know what was even more annoying?

When I cut myself AGAIN on the same finger and started bleeding AGAIN. That was even more not fun. The pirate band-aid just doesn't work for this kind of injury. I might need to make a special trip to purchase more novelty band-aids in the long shapes. *sigh*

Other things about today that are not fun:

  • being exposed to some unknown virusy business by two people who were throwing up last night but came to work anyways. I COULD BE INCUBATING IT NOW. THANKS A LOT. (BTW... I hope you feel better, Platypus. Just know that if I catch your disease that I will be in the mood for revenge after I am well again.)
  • I am super tired due to being disturbed in my sleep by phantom callers. (See below.)
  • I heard that goddamn Titanic song today on the radio. It was like I was trapped in a prison (not unlike Guantanamo because that is a super bad prison to be in.) except that this prison was worse than that because it was in HELL. ACTUAL HELL. It was that awful for me.
  • I have to clean my room when I get home because I made a total mess in there. I hate cleaning. Cleaning is no fun. Cleaning is for babies. (NOTE: If babies were actually in charge of cleaning things then I would totally want one. But since they do pretty much the opposite of cleaning, I do not want one. Like, EVER.)

The End.

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