Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The small things

Yesterday Amanda and I went for a walk up Main Street after work. We stopped in at Lazy Susan's and I found something so awesome that I had that "Oh my god I NEED this." feeling. So I got it and was overjoyed at my new purchase. What was it? This:

Yarrrrrr. Those be pirate bandaids, matey. And as if the awesomeness of skull bandaids was not enough, it also came with a treasure inside. This was the point where I got REALLY excited. This was my treasure:

Holy crap! A pirate duck! It is much smaller than this, of course. It can fit on the top of a pen and is awesome. I am now the proud owner of the most hardcore, badass duck ever. I love it. I am so happy.

I guess the small things in life really are the FREAKING COOLEST. Yarrrrrrrrrrr.

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