Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sarah's Comedy Jam

The funniest jokes always just pop up in casual conversation. It is almost like if you want to be funny, you can't think about it too much. No pre-planning. It is without further delay that I share with you some hilarious moments that you can share with your friends. (But if you do not give credit accordingly, I will put a hex on you and your family. Just something to think about.)


This happened at Bingo with Dave and Craig. Some jerkface called a bingo before we had a chance to win. Then the following took place:

BINGO CALLER: "Last call for bingo. Once, twice..."

ME: "Three tiiiiiiimes a ladayyyyy..."

This is where Dave and Craig laughed their butts off. I always kill at bingo. (My B-12 joke always goes over well too. That is when they call B-12 and I say "That's totally my favourite vitamin!" The bingo crowd loves it. They also enjoy it when the call O-69 and we all gasp and say "Oh my!" or "Now that's just inappropriate..." )


This took place this morning via emails (some paraphrasing):

ME: Other Dave wants to hang out on Friday before he leaves.

AMANDA: Friday sounds good, should we do something Vancouvery with him before he goes?

(Work) DAVE: Let's get him hooked on Crystal Meth!

AMANDA: Or designer handbags.

Come on. You know that is funny.


This took place at the pub yesterday:

Basically this just involved Dave and I telling everyone (including the big boss) that "Jager is like Christmas in your belly". It really is though. Apparently the origins of this phrase can be traced back as far as Dave's first Christmas in Vancouver, when Platypus said it to him.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, comedy.

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