Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hold onto your hats, ladies!

You might be wondering why I am instructing the ladies to hold onto their hats. (Actually, gents should do the same.) It is because I'm 'bout to blow your friggin' mind. Seriously. This brand new story I have is so crazy that you might possibly just fall over because you will not believe it. So get ready...

Guess where I went yesterday? (HINT: It was NOT the zoo.)


I went to....


I KNOW! HOLY CRAP, RIGHT? That's what I said after minute 10 of the elliptical workout when I was pretty sure I was going to pass out. But I did not. It was crazy. I kind of enjoyed it.

If I start going there kind of regularly, will you still love me? (I'll just tell you right now that you will probably love me even more because I will still be cute and funny but I will also have a SPECTACULAR looking ass. Oh, come ON! Don't act like you've never checked it out.)

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