Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'll TELL you what is up. I AM. It is 11:00. In the PM. I should be in bed by now. But I am not. Here is why.

I put a load of laundry in when I got home at 9. When the machine turned off and I went to switch it over to the dryer it was dripping wet and covered in fucking soap. So I had to start the load over again. Time passed. The machine seemed to be taking a really long time, so I went to check it. It was halfway through the cycle. More time passed. I went back up to check it again. It was still halfway through the cycle. IT GOT STUCK. So I tried to unstick it. It seemed kind of okay. Now I am still waiting. I am PISSED OFF. I still have to put that shit in the dryer. I WILL BE UP UNTIL FUCKING MIDNIGHT AND IT IS ALL BECAUSE THE FUCKING WASHER IS FUCKING BROKEN.

And if I knock on the door and tell my landlords they will shoot me in the face because they are in bed and the baby is sleeping and it is past 11, so technically I am breaking the laundry rules. FUCK THE LAUNDRY RULES. IT IS YOUR STUPID FAULT FOR HAVING A BROKEN FRIGGING APPLIANCE.

I hate my life right now. I am so tired I want to cry.

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