Thursday, September 28, 2006

Love means never having to say you're sorry...

So I must not be in love at all because I am always apologizing. Seriously, what is UP with saying you are sorry all the time? Is it really just a Canadian thing? Why do I do it all the time? It really makes no sense at all... because I'm almost never genuinely sorry. In fact, I find it particularly amusing that I can tell someone that I will punch them in the face, they don't care. But when I say "I will hit you in the mouth and I will NOT apologize!" they get offended. The hitting they are okay with, but if you don't say sorry for it later you are crossing the line.

Something happened to me this morning which is quite a fantastic illustration of how ridiculous the sorry phenomenon has become. (BTW, I totally just coined the phrase "sorry phenomenon" so you bitches better not steal it.) *ahem*

This morning when I was leaving Starbucks and feeling like quite a sassypants after purchasing my swank new travel mug (which, ironically will be stationary and never travel because it will sit on my desk) I jammed my finger in the door. Totally squished it. Immediately after "OWWWWWWWEEEEEE!" and some muttered swears I said "I'm sorry!"


So why the hell did I say sorry? I don't know. I'll never understand it. I guess I am trying to make up for the lack of sincere apologies with a flood of meaningless ones. Perhaps this is a good plan after all... because I really fucking hate apologizing.

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