Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Strange Days.

What an odd sort of day.

I got made fun of because I have never had blood taken before. I don't even know what my blood type is. Apparently this is something everyone should know. How could my doctors have possibly overlooked this? Odd. Very odd indeed. Platypus says I should go get it done just for fun. But that doesn't really seem like the kind of party I want to go to.

Then, as I was sitting at my desk just before lunch I suddenly started thinking about what it feels like when you are eating meat. Like chewing a piece of steak or a porkchop or something. It was so weird and random. I haven't eaten steak in about 5 years or so, and I don't really eat anything other than tofu and chicken. Why would I randomly think about chewing steak? Maybe I secretly want to eat steak? Ew.

When I went downstairs to eat, Bernie was serving up lunch to a bunch of people... and what were they eating? Ribs. After I ate all my stupid lame lunch, Bernie wanted me to try his delicious lunch, but I couldn't because I had already eaten. It is all about calorie intake, people. I was so mad. If you could have smelled the barbecue sauce, you would know how badly I wanted to eat it. Now all I can think about eating is that exact meal. But I can't cook that stuff! WTF? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW, HUH?

Suffer, I guess. Unless one of you lot wants to cook me some friggin barbecue for dinner. Which I totally doubt.

Other highlights of the day have included watching Rob do this "Rick Astley video girl dance" thing... trust me. It was GOLD. I am going to go make him do it again as soon as I finish this.

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Lydia said...

Now I'm hungry for meat. Remember when I made the barbecue pork in the slow cooker? Anyway, why don't you just go eat at Memphis Blues?