Friday, September 15, 2006

Gangsta Gangsta

In honour of the birthday of supa cool Miss Amanda, I decided to wear my bling to work today. I love it so much. It is kind of huge and it totally ghetto fab. It's so hardcore. It looks like this:

The best part about it is that the shorter chain has a locket on it. Currently, said locket is empty. What do you think I should put in there? I was sort of thinking about putting pictures of The Fonz in there. I really do love him, so why not? Or maybe Scott Baio from the Charles in Charge days. He was a stone FOX. Got any other suggestions, friends?

I'm allllmost done here and I'm super excited. Though, I was promised a Neil Diamond sing-a-long before I leave and if I don't get it there is going to be hell to pay. HELL! I mostly just want to sing "Forever in Blue Jeans" because a) it is an awesome song and b) it annoys the piss out of Rob when we listen to it. Good times.

Holy shit. I should put Fonzie AND Neil Diamond in my locket. That would be so hot. *yesssss*

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