Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Can you hear the drums, Fidel Castro?

I have heard people make fun of Abba before. I know. That is 100% crazy. Abba is SO GOOD. I don't think there are any Abba songs that I totally hate. They are all pretty awesome. They make people happy. They bring people together, because everyone knows all the words to every single song they ever made. It is kind of incredible.

I was having kind of a crappy day today. Then Fernando came on the radio. I could not stop smiling because whenever I hear that song I think of this (which is at least 15 different kinds of awesome):

Oh, Bea Arthur. You will never cease to be entertaining... mostly because you sound like a man and that reminds me of this girl I used to know who also totally sounded like a man. It was hilarious. Trust me.

PS: I forgot to mention that sometimes I like to replace "Fernando" with "Fidel Castro" when I am singing this song. It's really for no reason other than the fact that I did it once and whomever I was with totally laughed, so I figured it must be kind of funny. And that whole line about liberty makes it kind of ironic. You all know how much I love irony. (I am irony's #1 superfan!)

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