Sunday, September 17, 2006

Busy like a bee.

Today I had the most action packed day EVER. It was truly fantastic, indeed. Here is what I did:

Woke up early and went to Ikea for breakfast with Craig, Mary and Amanda. I stand by my claim that anyone who goes to Ikea and does not eat while they are there is a goddamn FOOL. It is so cheap! Even hoboes could afford it. (OH I KNOW THAT REMARK WAS INSENSITIVE, YOU DON'T NEED TO TELL ME. IT WAS FOR COMEDIC EFFECT.) But seriously. It costs $1! The bargain of the century. (On a side note, I have decided that I love going for breakfast and would like to do so every weekend. Want to go with me? Yes you do.)

THEN, I got home from Ikea and decided that I needed to do a bit of grocery shopping. This was not that exciting, but you gotta do it sometimes.

THEN Jess and I went to the driving range. It was WAY fun, and I thought I did pretty okay for a girl who had never hit a golf ball before. I got one to go all the way to the 80 mark! That is like, totally far, yo!

After the driving rage we went to the casino. It was totally weird being there... I had never been there outside of work. It is so crazy in there! Sadly, I saw about a million people that I used to work with and was kind of upset that nobody had moved on. I was afraid to talk to any of them. Eek! ANYWAYS, I totally won like... $30 and jammed out of there before I could lose anything.

Finally, we came home and I cooked vegetarian chili and corn bread for Jess and two of her friends from school. It was the yums and I was quite proud of myself.

Now I am bloody tired and I am going to bed. It's no wonder I'm so tuckered out. That was a lot of action for one day.

Goodnight, lover. (I didn't really mean that. We are just friends. Don't get any ideas!)

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