Thursday, September 07, 2006

This one's for my homie.

Sheldon is visiting from TO this week and in the 10 mins I talked to him I think he mentioned how much he misses Vancouver about 25 times. Understandably so. It is just lovely here, and no matter where I am I miss home.

SO, this one is for you, Sheldon. It appears that a certain Mr. Steve Perry feels your pain about missing a city by the bay.

Good god, this song is magical. (NOTE: This one might actually help you with the ladies. Take note, DAN HILL. THIS is how you write a damn song!)

PS: Whoa...ohhhh...ohhhhhhhhhhh.


Embot said...

Why oh why is his pelvis three-metres long? That little combo should be held up to today's youth as proof that their new ideas about high-waisted pants and vests are not only not new, they're not so good either.
("In the year 2000 voice")Trust me, the vest is coming back, and it is just as fucking heinous as ever.

sarah said...

My favourite part is when they are all singing together in the full body shot. It looks like while they are singing heartfelt lyrics, they are also having a "my crotch totally looks bigger than yours in these tight pants" contest. But mostly I am just a huge fan of delicious harmonies.

Hot damn, can that Steve Perry sing or what?

Unknown said...

Damn, he's slender. Nice pipes though. Thanks Sarah... this ones for you and the crew.

sarah said...

He is slender, isn't he? I kind of wish I could wear pants like that and look good in them... or maybe just sing half as well as he does. Either way would be kind of awesome.

ANYWAYS, you're welcome. It's not like I had already been listening to that song for 3 days before I posted it or anything... not at all...