Sunday, March 18, 2007

Looking out for number one!

There is this great quote from Lauren on the Hills this season when her and the ladies are talking about dating.

"The only time I miss having a boyfriend is when I have to put something together, when I have to pick something like a TV out, or when I have a lot of groceries. Missing the boyfriend."

I think this is the most hilarious and profound thing EVER. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a very single girl... who spends most of her time hanging out with her very married and encoupled friends. It never really bothers me... until of course someone looks over at your side of the table whilst holding hands or cuddling and says, "We need to find you a boyfriend."

In that very moment, I go from thinking about which pair of shoes is truly my favourite to thinking about everything in my life that could possibly be functioning as man-repellant. I then proceed to think about this for hours upon hours... never really seeming to find an answer. After about hour 5, I get really mad at myself for putting so much thought into it.

Eventually, I end up convincing myself that I will find myself at 42, still single and never having a meaningful relationship. It's kind of a terrifing thought. But then I think, why would that really be all that bad??? I could probably get a lot accomplished if I never get married and have kids. Like writing a hilarious screenplay adapted from the hilarious novel that I wrote at the tender age of 31. Or you know... buying a condo or whatever.

But for the moment, I'm inclined to agree with Lauren. Those really are the only times I ever feel like I'm missing out. And don't worry. I've been lifting weights to help me get this grocery situation under control.


Lydia said...

This is a very good blog post.

I am still looking for a bf for you, though.

sarah said...

Fair enough, lady. Fair enough. Maybe just take a look around Coal Harbour next time you're over that way...