Sunday, April 08, 2007

Dream on, dreamer.

It's a good thing I saw Grindhouse today, because I am turning into a zombie. Now I am familiar with how one should best go about eating someones face. Good to know.

But seriously, folks. I can't sleep. Since Wednesday night, I have not had a decent night of sleep. It basically feels like I lie in bed for hours at a time with my eyes closed, yet am otherwise fully conscious. I hear everything, I just can't open my eyes to see it. I'm starting to get worried that if I don't get some sleep soon, I might just pass out randomly in some sort of apparent narcoleptic fit. I have visions of myself at work, halfway through a meeting when in mid-sentence I just sort of just... fall over and go to sleep. HOW HUMILIATING WOULD THAT BE??

I bet they would send me to the hospital if that happened. Then I'd be all stuck in the hospital and no one would visit me. That would kind of suck. But at least I would not be tired anymore.

I really can't understand what is giving me this crazy case of the insomnias. People keep asking me if there is something bothering me... or something I'm thinking about. I have no friggin' clue. I'm not even capable of thinking right now, so basically there is no way to know... until I get some sleep. *sigh*

Here I go... giving it the ol' college try. Please just let me sleep!

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