Monday, April 09, 2007

No sleep til Brooklyn.


So, the count is up to 5 days with practically no sleep. I'm seriously losing my damn mind. I need sleep. What can I do? I think I'm at the breaking point.

The breaking point is defined as the point at which I am so tired that standing up seems like a chore, I have lost all reason and good sense, and I run the risk of spontaneously bursting into tears. All of these things suck. Standing up really needn't be so difficult. Pretty much anyone could take advantage of me right now, as I have no reason and good sense. If I did cry and word got out, it would seriously damage my reputation as a sassy girl with no feelings! Plus, it would just be me, crying alone in my house which is really lame. What's the point of tears if you don't get anything out of it? (ie: hugs from boys, sympathy)

Ugh. Just let me sleep, PLEASE!


Erin Riley said...

are you drinking coffee? i find that if i'm stressed i'm more sensitive to coffee, and even if i only drink one cup before 9 a.m., i still have trouble sleeping.

also, are you still jogging? maybe you need to burn some restless energy?

there are some natural sleeping aids you could try, but i hear a glass of milk and a banana helps too.

good luck tonight!!

sarah said...

Thanks Erin! I finally caved and bought some liquid melatonin. It is supposed to help regulate your sleeping patterns if they happen to get out of whack. I'm a little nervous about taking a sleeping aid, but I'm just too darn exhausted to go another night without a little rest. I'll let you know how it works out...

Anonymous said...

try doing your taxes