Monday, April 30, 2007

I've got a fever, and the only prescription is...

...bed rest, plenty of fluids and perhaps some fever reducing medication.

I'm totally sick, yo. It's not too awesome. I felt like crap this morning, so the fact that I even bothered to put makeup on is amazing. BUT TOTALLY WASN'T WORTH THE TIME. Why? Because 30 seconds after arriving at work, some dude I work with looks at me and says, "Are you okay? Wow, you look awful." THANKS FOR THAT. I suppose it's only appropriate to look bloody awful when you feel bloody awful.

Amanda is now feeling sick, and totally blames me for it. This is what I have to say about THAT: I didn't HAVE to come with you yesterday and perform odd jobs and manual labour around your house, did I? No. I did it because I am totally awesome. So you just think about that, missy! But it is always nice to have someone to blame for making you sick. I blame Ben, since he was totally sick on Friday, and I was totally sick the next day. You will be receiving your karmic punishment soon. It may or may not be in the form of a roundhouse kick to the face delivered by one Mr. Chuck Norris. I'm just saying, you might want to pay attention to your surroundings. He wears action jeans and is very swift.

It's time to go home and sit under blankets! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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