Sunday, April 15, 2007

One bruised toe and one inflated ego.

Today was the SUN RUN!!!!!! I actually ran in it!

I trained for a few months (off and on) to *try* and prepare myself to run 10k in the company of 55,000 other people. I was feeling pretty uneasy about the situation because I never managed to run more than 5k without walking. Things did not look good.

Then I started running. And I just kept going. It was flippin' amazing. I RAN THE ENTIRE WAY. I BLEW MY OWN MIND A LITTLE.

Amanda deserves mad props for reminding me to slow the frig down when I got a little too excited. I totally wouldn't have made it the whole way if I had kept up my show-off pace!

Carbo-Goo deserves mad props for containing enough sugar to keep an entire school full of 3rd graders on a sugar high for 3 hours at a time. Seriously. That stuff is magical. At about the 8k mark I felt like I was going to die. So I took a hit of my delicious carbo-goo and took off like a friggin' ROCKET. I'm thinking I should start using it recreationally.

The "shuffle" setting on my mp3 player deserves mad props for picking such awesome songs for me to run to. I only used it for the last 5k, but it gave me such a boost. Seriously. The song I finished the race to was Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell". HOW COULD I NOT RUN LIKE HELL WITH THAT SONG PLAYING???? So I totally did. I ran like the wind. It was awesome. People were like, "Whoa, that girl is running like hell." (Well, not really... but I honestly was running like hell!)

And lastly, I deserve mad props because I totally did all the work. That's right, ME. If it weren't for me, this whole thing wouldn't have been possible. Yay me!

And now I am about ready to fall over. I'm so tired that I am actually watching Saturday Night Fever sitting down. I've never done that before. I always do the routines along with Travolta! Especially the solo that is on right now. It's killing me. Damn you, Travolta! Damn you and your sweet, sweet moves!


Erin Riley said...

you are awesome! i bet you slept like a log last night. did you?

sarah said...

I totally did! That part was awesome. However, today I am hobbling around at the pace of a 90 year old man. But it was worth it!