Saturday, April 28, 2007

The suburbs really DO ruin lives.

I was supposed to see Hot Fuzz tonight, but I didn't because everyone in my damn family thinks it is awesome to live in SURREY/LANGLEY. It takes a really long time to get home from there, in case you didn't know.

Then, just for fun they closed down a main friggin' road due to a "police incident" (in Surrey? Say what???) therefore causing me to take a 20 min detour to get to where I needed to go. That shit made me late for the movie. Now all of my friends can have sweet conversations about how awesome the movie was and I will just sit there and cry because I won't be able to understand the jokes!!!!! DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!

My life is ruined! Cat Stevens feels my pain, because he is singing to me right now about how friggin' LAME it is to be all alone at home on a Saturday night. He is 100% correct. It is seriously fucking lame. GAH!

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