Sunday, April 01, 2007

Half Nelson? I'll take the whole damn thing!

Dear sweet lord, thank you for Ryan Gosling.

Not to take away from the boy's obviously BRILLIANT acting talents (as evidenced in Half Nelson, The Believer and United States of Leland) but I mean seriously...

Talks about politics even when inebriated, has super hot facial hair, dresses kind of like a grandpa... BASICALLY PERFECT.

I mean, shoot. You put a dude like that in a movie and expect me to be able to follow the plot points?

So intensely attractive.

PS: Oh yeah, the movie was actually quite brilliant. I highly recommend it. Even if he was ugly it would have been excellent. Watch it!

PPS: Rachel McAdams is a whore.

PPPS: I'm sorry. She probably isn't really a whore. But the bitch is lucky.

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Anonymous said...

Amen sister.

p.s. See 300 the bodies on those men!!