Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Silent but deadly.

Okay, I should have been done packing by now, but I am not. I should be asleep right now, but I am not. Why? Because there is a little problem that I am unable to solve and it is terribly distracting.

My whole house smells like a skunk. Actual skunk. It's revolting.

At around 9:30pm I went outside to do something and I totally smelled a skunk. I was grossed out so I came back inside right away. About 15 mins later I swore I could smell it in the house. It just began to permiate. It has seeped in through every available nook and cranny and is lingering in the air. It makes me want to throw up.

I have hypothesized that some a-hole from my neighborhood must have murdered a skunk without really thinking about the consequences. If the whole block smells like this, just imagine how bad that dude must smell right now! Gnarly. I hope all my stuff doesn't smell like skunk tomorrow. I am a girl. I'm supposed to smell pretty so that I might attract potential suitors. THIS IS TOTALLY THROWING A WRENCH IN ALL OF MY PLANS. Damnit.

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