Monday, April 02, 2007

A gourmet dinner... consisting of my words with ketchup on the side.

Okay. So remember when I said the only time I wish I had a boyfriend was when I had to a) put something together, b) buy something big like a tv, or c) have a lot of groceries? I would like to add one more thing to that list.

d) when I go for a really long run and I hurt my back so I don't really feel like cooking myself some damn dinner.

I'm inclined to think that if I had one of those boyfriend-types hanging around that I might just be able to guilt trip them into giving me a piggyback ride home and getting me some damn dinner.

That's how it works, right? You just call them on the phone, sound as pitiful as possible and then they come and bring you things?

Shoot. That sounds kind of nice.

So... any takers?


Lydia said...

It totally works that way. I highly recommend getting one.

Although good friends will do the same, and I would have made us both dinner if I was home.

And, your independent self could have ordered pizza.

But still, boyfriends are very nice.

Anonymous said...

Yeah boys will totally do whatever you want them to. They also buy you things too. (like $88 dollar roots hip pouches).