Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back in half-full effect!

I decided to come back to work today despite being still sick. Since it seems to be IMPOSSIBLE for me to get any sleep like this, I figured I might as well just come to work if I'm going to be awake anyways. So I popped some DayQuil and here I am.

The funny thing about the situation is that DayQuil makes you totally high. I am not even joking. This is either going to be the best or worst day of work EVER. HAHAHAHA!

According to coworkers, you can see the DayQuil haze in my eyes... and you can see it when I try to type. It's quite funny. I am happy because this morning before work I went and stocked up on NyQuil, which will hopefully mean I will get some damn sleep. I have been up since 3:30am... and I think it shows.

Man, this DayQuil shit is good. Not good in the sense that it is making all my symptoms go away, but good in the sense that I really don't care that I still have them... because I feel a little floaty. There is a good possibility that in 15 mins I may start trying to discuss philosophy with people. Then I will probably tell them how much I love them, man.

In the meantime, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Heh. When is lunch? What? Wow.

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Anonymous said...

dayquil is great... but i suggest you look into the cough syrup with codeine.
now that stuff is the shit.
you have to ask for it at the pharmacy 'cause they keep it behind the counter, but it's non-perscription.
and seriously, it's money well spent. i loves me a good codeine high.