Friday, March 14, 2008


Easter is the time of year when Godless heathens come together to eat chocolate. Being that I AM one of those said heathens, I decided to get in the spirit of things and sample a seasonal treat.

I was inspired by Erin's post about the famous Cadbury Creme Egg. Lydia and I had been talking about them, and she seemed kind of shocked that I didn't really have any personal history with them.

I never ate them as a kid. My mom thought they were gross, so she never bought them for us. Since they were my main suppliers of candy (which was not something I got all that often) I just never had the chance to try them. I was never really interested in them as a teenager either. I think I've maybe had 3 of them in my entire life! I really couldn't remember what they tasted like.

So today I decided to give these little buggers a shot. What did I think?

Ummmm... it was okay. Kind of disappointing, actually. Erin and Lydia made them sound so amazing... but I was not all that impressed. For one thing, I thought the yolk part in mine was not yellow enough. Perhaps I just got a dud? I also thought it was a little bit too sweet for my liking.

That being said, I am willing to give them another shot. It is chocolate, after all! (Especially if I can find one of the illusive British eggs.) So there you have it kids. I can still be converted.

PS: I would also like to mention that as I write this I am watching an episode of 90210. It is Kelly's 21st birthday. How did they celebrate? They went to a Dave Koz concert! Nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE like saxophonic elevator music. Why did I ever think these people were awesome?

PPS: That reminds me, I'm turning 27 this year. I'm thinking... Kenny G. You in? Heck yes, you are.

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