Monday, March 10, 2008

Get up, a get get get down...

Daylight savings time is a joke.

I lost an hour of sleep. Consequently, my internal clock is way messed up! You see, I was not tired at 10:30, which is normally when I would go to bed... because 10:30 was actually 9:30, which is way early! This means that I ended up staying up until 11:30. That wouldn't have been so bad... except that when the alarm went off at 6am it was really like it was 5am. Do you see how messed up that is? And for what? So I can wake up in the friggin dark? BULLCRAP.

So here. Watch this video and substitute "911" with "Daylight Savings Time" and you will see how I feel. Grrrrr.

On a side note, Steph and Daniel totally saw Flavor Flav eating at Anducci's in Burnaby! What the heck? He was even wearing the clock! In Burnaby! That's crazy!

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brie said...

I slept horribly AND woke up horribly. I hope tonight is better.