Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The horror... THE HORROR!

I have run out of the Nyquil! When I realized this yesterday, I was profoundly upset. I felt too crappy to put on real pants and go get some. So I still have no Nyquil. Basically what I am saying is that this is total bullshit!

I really wish I had some sort of service where I could call and be all, "I need Nyquil." and then they would be all, "Okay, I will bring you some." What could they call that kind of service? Oh yeah, maybe MOM or BOYFRIEND. I have one of those, but as loving as my mommy is, she would not drive over 2 bridges just to bring me Nyquil. I don't blame her.

Oh well. I'll just have to find some other way to knock myself out for 8 hours. Like maybe rum? Or sleepytime tea? OH WAIT. I KNOW. I CAN PUT ON THOSE HARRY POTTER MOVIES. (Ohhhh, diss on you Harry Potter!)

Yeah. I think I need to go back to bed now. Thank you for your time.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

boyfriends kick ass for that.
while i've been sick, i've done lots of"baby... will you get me ____ "
it's pretty sweet.
he even went out to get me raspberry gingerale yesterday. i love that man.

i'm lucky though. my mom is 5 minutes away, so my sick whine works well on her too.

but really, i'm sure someone must deliver that shit. what about the dial-a-bottle guys? they'll pick up anything for you. the guy who delivers my weed would do it. he's nice like that. he'll stop and get me smokes or a diet pepsi if i ask him to. now that's service!