Friday, March 28, 2008

On the mend.


Good lord, am I glad to see the weekend come! It's been a bit of a rough week. I am finally starting to feel better, though I sound a little bit like a man. You know, all croaky and hoarse-like. If there were ever a time to make harassing phone calls, that time would be now.

I fully intend to spend much of my time this weekend sleeping and getting back to full power. I think it will be nice. What will also be nice is when I cash in that miracle I've been holding onto and I get me some Springsteen tickets! I still have had no luck finding anything that does not SUCK. Oh well. Perhaps I am only meant to see his backside... which will appear to be the size of an ant. AWESOME.

Well, this girl is about to get herself on home. HELLS YEAH. I'll see you suckers awesome people later!

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