Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I never thought I would ever say this...

I think I am bored of the internet. (!!!!!!)

Due to a system upgrade at work, I have been unable to actually DO any work today. This means that aside from the few random tasks I have been able to complete, I have mostly been hanging out on the interwebs.

Did you know that after you cycle through your regular sites that the internet is TOTALLY BORING? Cause it is.

I have checked on the status of getting some halfway decent Springsteen tickets about 75 times today... and no luck. I think the Ticketmaster site hates me. I just don't want to sit in the VERY back of the balcony, 17 rows up if I don't have to. Is that so wrong? Am I being foolish to wait this out in hopes of having better seats pop up closer to the show date? I don't know how this crap works.

Can I go home now? No? Okay, I'll just sit here awhile longer and stare at things. I feel like I'm really doing some good here.


Anonymous said...

i spend a lot of time on trip advisor when i'm killing time on the internet. mostly on the las vegas forum, but sometimes on the vancouver forum too, just to give some helpful hints.

and ticketmaster doesn't have you :P
there aren't good tickets because the show has been on sale for like 4 months. good tickets are sold already silly.
but sometimes the day before or the day of the show, the promoter releases production holds, and those are usually pretty good seats. good luck!

Anonymous said...

damn it!
that was ticketmaster doesn't HATE you

sarah said...

When I tried to get them the day they went on sale, they were still giving me the loser seats! I suppose it is the luck of the draw. I'm not giving up just yet!

brie said...

Don't give up! I tried to get Spice Girls tickets when they first went on sale, but no luck. Four days before the concert I scored 4th row on the floor, centre. I could totally see up their skirts.