Friday, March 10, 2006

Blogging - A great way to ruin surprises!

It's Lydia's birthday tomorrow and I have been super excited allllll week about giving her the present I got for her. But she wouldn't let me give it to her early. I just now thought about how HILARIOUS it would be if I totally wrote about what I got her and then she would read it... and be really mad at me! HAHAHA!!

Making people mad is funny. But I won't tell, since we are only one day away anyways. I am like... the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Seriously. I am all about the personal sacrifice. I am what you might call a "giver". (Hey... mom... STOP LAUGHING NOW!)

Hey... do you believe in signs? Cause I think I just got one. Here's what happened 30 seconds ago.

I am sitting in my office... rocking out to The Jesus and Mary Chain (go ahead and think about how much cooler that makes me...) and eating an apple. As soon as I finished my apple, someone came into my office and gave me a chocolate hedgehog. Now if that's not a sign, I don't know WHAT is! See? If I don't eat chocolate all the time, the baby Jesus will cry. I eat chocolate for the benefit of all mankind. (YOU'RE WELCOME, by the way!)

Duran Duran "Wild Boys" just came on. Umm... holy CRAP is Simon LeBon a total fox or WHAT?? DURAN DURAN RULES! *high five* This reminds me of a conversation I just had with my dear friend Sheldon, who now I think I hate a little bit. Now before you start crying about it, let me explain. Hate means "am slightly jealous of". That's what you get for having DURAN DURAN as your first concert! And for the Seven and the Ragged Tiger tour, no less! Pffft.

Keep in mind that had I not been so busy with being 2 YEARS OLD at the time, you know I would have been there!

I'm not really mad. Just envious. I think maybe he should give me a present to make up for his "Duran Duran" first concert totally overshadowing my "Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth Tour" fiasco.

Perhaps a sandwich would suffice. Or an autographed poster of the Specials. (FOR REALS! HE REALLY HAS ONE!!)

No fair.

One more thing. Yesterday I saw a guy walking down broadway playing air guitar. When he got closer, I discovered that he was also singing the guitar parts. Awesome.

Later, bitches!

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