Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Good times with Wednesday morning!

So what if the bus arrived WAY late this morning... and therefore made me like 15 mins late to work. Meh. "Snakes on a Plane..."It didn't even make me mad. Cause this Wednesday morning is AWESOME!

I came in and worked for an hour and 15 mins... went downstairs and chatted with my peeps for a few mins... then watched RON SEXSMITH play NEW SONGS while sitting 5 FEET AWAY from me!!!! Ummm.. hello? Awesome much? Totally! He is really just a lovely man. It was lovely.

Jealous much? Thought so, bitches!

SO... I'm back at my desk now, after the RON SEXSMITH EXTRAVAGANZA OF AWESOMENESS (!!!!!!!!!!!) and I am enjoying an organic poptart. DE-LISH.

Wednesday morning RULES! Just like San Dimas High School Football.

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