Friday, March 03, 2006

So I blog at work.


So now everyone in the world knows that on occasion I blog from work. (Thanks for that, ANGUS!) All I can say is you better not get me in trouble for this, brats! It's okay though. I happen to know that certain individuals spend more time than they are supposed to watching Brokeback Mountain parodies on the interweb of lies. Not that I am mentioning any names. (See above.) *ahem* I also thought you should know that while it sounds like there is a lot of our time spent "unproductively", I will say that this blogging and internetting takes place on lunch breaks. Totally. No joke.

ANYWAYS, so something funny happened to me earlier. I was in the middle of doing something work-related (cause I'm at work... so I really do work all day... promise!) when I realised that I had been staring at my computer screen. Totally zoned out... probably for like a min. When I snapped out of it, the song that had been playing was the Pet Shop Boys "You Were Always on My Mind".

I suddenly had the most hilarious thought.

What if "You Were Always on My Mind" is like... my "Desperado"? My "Witchy Woman"? Will I stare off into space EVERY TIME I hear it? That would be so embarassing! Not because of the staring, but because of the Pet Shop Boys! That's weird.

I have been forced to admit that I actually do really love the Pet Shop Boys. They currently hold a much coveted spot on my mp3 player. Domino Dancing is a fantastic song. Really superb. Truly.

Notice how I said "mp3 player" instead of IPOD? That's because I'm not cool like say, Sheldon or the 11 year old kid that rides the same bus as me. (HE'S 11!! With an IPOD!!) Seriously, it's so 2002 it's not even funny. 2002 was kind of awesome though. I spent a lot of time drinking at the campus pub. That's pretty much what happens when you go to a "Polytechnic" school. Whatevs.

I'm hungry. I have been so hard at work up until this point that I have not had the time to eat. Blogging is my reward after much hard work.

We work hard and we play hard.

Coincidentally, much like the steel mill featured on the Simpsons, our office also turns into a disco after 4:30pm. There is much dancing. It's good times.

Disco Stu doesn't advertise. So don't ask.

We always kick it off with "Everybody Dance Now!" by C&C Music Factory.

Jealous much? Thought so, bitches!

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Anonymous said...

um, what do you do? i hope it's nothing that involves anything dangerous or that miht affect the world outside your office, like the power company or something. my guess web developer - you have that spaced out thing