Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tanzen! Tanzen!

I find that yelling things in German adds just a hint of comedy to any situation. Just a little tip. Try it out next time you are hanging with your peeps. They will love it.

ANYWAYS, I am really having to supress the urge to dance today. Normally, I would never try and NOT dance... but I am at work. Everyone here already thinks I'm weird, so I don't think I really need to fuel the fire, you know? But seriously. Dancing for no reason should not be seen as strange activity. I feel as though life in the corporate world would vastly improve with the addition of regularly scheduled dance breaks. An even BETTER idea would be to encourage employees to just bust a move whenever they feel like it. What an awesome work environment that would be!

Ummm... can anyone say BEST IDEA EVER????

Because damn it, I'm a person too! I deserve to be able to publicly dance without being judged by my peers! (Though, let's face it. If I did actually just dance around at work all the time, everyone would totally be judging me. The results of this judging? A perfect 10, natch.) On second thought, maybe I shouldn't dance at work. It would make everyone jealous of my mad skillz, and that would create tension in the work environment.

So I have basically come full circle here. Again, I will stifle the work dancing.

But I'm not happy about it.


Dave said...

I would like to call ripoff.
Ripoff of my brilliant idea to have dance-offs as the solution to all of life's problems.
Guy cut you off?
Your country may go to war?

Dancing is the ultimate expression of freedom.

sarah said...

Did we EVER discuss this matter? I don't think we did, Dave. Therefore, since I did not know about your little plan, it is not a ripoff.

Besides, I seem to recall a little incident involving sexy politicians... what do you think about THAT?