Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Canada Post - friend or foe?

Steph sent me a postcard from Cuba and I still haven't gotten it yet! I'm pissed about it! I love getting mail. Apparently the post card is fab. I want to see it, damnit! SO, who do I blame for this? I would say Cuba, since everyone seems to want to blame the commies for EVERYTHING these days... but I really think it's not their fault.

Stupid Canada Post stole the bloody thing, I'm sure of it!

Now of course, since I just went ahead and called them thieves, it will totally come soon. Then I will have to post an apology. Whatever.

"Dear Canada Post,

I'm really very sorry about accusing you of stealing in front of the entire internet community. But seriously, can you blame me? You always seem to bring my fucking bills right on time, but somehow the cool shit takes forever to get here. What's up with that? There is something sinister going on here, Canada Post... and I think it's about time you finally own up to it. Hey, look at that! This didn't really turn out to be much of an apology, did it? Oh well.

Bring me my goddamn postcard and then we will talk about apologies.

Your friend who is better than you in so many ways,


Guess what song is playing right now? Vogue by Madonna.

*2 minutes pass*

I was very busy striking poses just now. It's a shame no one walked past to see said poses. They were quite impressive.

Hahaha! Someone totally just came in here and I was listening to VOGUE!!! He ignored it, but I bet he was judging me. whatevs.

Later, bitches!


Anonymous said...

You have BCIT alumni mail at our house. come get it. bitch.

sarah said...

Shut up ASS.

Hey ASS, I will probably be out there at some point this weekend ASS.

Did I mention that you are an ASS?

Cause you are. ASS.

Love you, sister!

Dave said...

Mail is like a value judgement of a human being. It shows how much you are loved by the world.

My mailbox is always empty. It is like the most depressing thing ever.

Lydia said...

Don't worry about the BCIT mail. I got it too. They are asking for our generous support (read: $$$).