Thursday, March 09, 2006

I said BRRRR! It's cold in here...

... there must be a cool kid named Sarah in the atmosphere.

If you know where that line comes from then we should probably hang out sometime. (Hint: It is from a movie that may or may not star Kirsten Dunst as a cheerleader that I may or may not have seen 5 times.)

But seriously folks, it is a bit nippy in here. I am sitting at my desk with my sleeves of my jacket pulled down to cover my hands... and I have my giant collar flipped up like Fonzie. So basically, I am the coolest person in this building right now, both literally and figuratively speaking. Wow. Hold on a sec, that just blew my mind a little. *blinks 3 times* Okay. We're good.

Steph is back from Cuba. I am going to visit her today. It's exciting. I bet we will smoke cigars. That's pretty much what goes on in Cuba. Nothing else. Just cigar smoking. I hate smoking, but for a cigar I might give it a go. Even with the faux-asthmatic situation.

I heard a funny advert today. It was for some sort of spa school where you can learn massage therapy and crap like that. ANYWAYS, at the beginning it says "Passion, passion, passion..." and then some other guy says some crap about the school... then the other guy comes back on and says something along the lines of "If you enjoy touching people in any way, this is the job for you!"

HAHAHA! It's so pervy!! And they don't realize it! That's hilarious!! Come on!! I love exclaimation points!!

I need to eat now. The tummy is getting mad at me. Today I am eating some delicious Annie's with veggies in it... sans octodog. Octodog is SICK. (And not in the 2002 way, when "sick" really meant "totally awesome", but in the 2006 way when "sick" actually means "sick". As in "disgusting".)

Peace out, bitches.


Anonymous said...

Man, I hate it when people use the term 'sick' when they really mean wicked awsome. I always end up confused and think that someone is somehow making fun of me or telling me somthing is gross.

sarah said...

Well sister, when people use the term in such a manner, you now have a reply.


Them: "Did you see my new penny loafers? Aren't they sick?"

You: "Yes. Keep in mind that this is no longer 2002. So basically, by agreeing with you I am really telling you that your new shoes make me want to vomit. Have a nice day, friend!"

You get the idea.

Dave said...

Start Using Rad. It is the new word to represent great /fantastic /cool /tubular /wicked /awesome /spectacular /mega-sweet /kickin' /stellar /amazing /fucktacular...

Dave said...


Dave said...

Also. When I said bitches I did not mean you and your sister specifically. I was referring to the actual female dogs who occasionally read blogs.

-that is all-

Anonymous said...

DeeDee Ramone is not a bitch.