Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A case of the Mondays on a Tuesday.

Long weekends are awesome. You get a whole extra day off to not work. AND you get paid for the not working! All in all, it is a pretty awesome situation. I like it. However, there is a downside to these long weekends. When you go back to work on Tuesday, it is like... way worse than a Monday because the extra day of fun lets you get accustomed to the not working. So when you actually have to go back to work, it seems so much harsher.

BUT... there is also an upside to the craptacular times that await you on the Tuesday after a long weekend. What is it?

That it's Tuesday. So at least you only have 3 more days of work before the weekend comes again.

It's a catch 44, really.

PS: Thank you, America for the Altoids Mango Sours and for helping me see what the future holds for me if I do not get my not-so-sweet heiny to the gym every once in awhile.

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