Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Everyone remembers that episode of Seinfeld when Elaine's boyfriend gets that far away look in his eyes every time he hears Desperado. I have been long convinced that everyone has a song just like that. Maybe you don't stare off into space when you hear it, but something happens to you when you hear it.

Admit it. You know what I mean.

What is mine? There are a few. But there is one song in particular that is 100% guaranteed to cause major freakouts every time I hear it. It's a different kind of freak out though... of the "OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG!" turn that shit up and DANCE variety. And so, it is with much excitement that I present to you, my Desperado.

Oh, SNAP! That shit is the BOMB!

Please, do tell me... what is YOUR Desperado?


Anonymous said...

People's Desperadoes are almost always the gayest songs. I acknowledge with a great deal of shame that mine are Tracy Chapman's Fast Car and The Crash Test Dummies' Superman Song.

I mean... he's super. He could do anything he wanted, but he helps people. How moving is that shit?

I think I'll remain anonymous on this one though.

sarah said...

You are right, *wink* anonymous *wink*. Those are lame songs.

But it's okay to like them. I know other people (read: one other person) who likes those songs... and I still love them anyways. (I have to - it's my dad.)