Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Rock n' Roll McDonalds.

If I worked at McDonalds, this would be an appropriate title. I do not work at McDonalds though, I just really appreciate the misunderstood genius that is Wesley Willis.

ANYWAYS, I have spent pretty much all day listening to an internet radio station of my own creation and I am in a little bit of heaven. It is truly good times. It keeps playing magical songs in a fantastical order. I love it. I am having such good times at my desk today, despite the intense pain in my neck and shoulders. The music is so good that I am forgetting about the physical pain I am experiencing. Now THAT is good music, kids.

I was particularly amused by the selection of "Do You Feel Like We Do?" from the Frampton Comes Alive album. That song is friggin' LONG. That is one chatty guitar, I tell you.

In other news, I am FREEZING cold. I don't understand why they need to keep us all at the temperature of steaks in here... I would be delighted to be kept at room temperature, thank you very much. Brrrrr.

Ha! I totally just banned U2 from my internet radio station. I love it! I have never felt so powerful... take that, Bono!

Make poverty history? Make EVERY U2 SONG SINCE 1990 history! (Well... every one except Discotheque.)

As for you, Whitesnake... you just stay right there.

I really think these guys have staying power...

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