Thursday, August 10, 2006

Houston, we gots problems up in here.

I remember one day at work when Platypus emailed me because he was worried about liking this weird 30 Seconds to Mars song and he thought perhaps he was going crazy or something. (He was... the song isn't that good.) I was not able to offer up any advice on how to deal with the situation because I wouldn't shut up about Jordan Catalano and his lovely eyes.

ANYWAYS, I find myself in a similar situation. This morning I officially decided that I love this song.

Am I crazy? Cause I think it's kinda hot.


Anonymous said...

You are crazy...cause I swear Pharell is singing most of that song. Either that...or Justin has a man crush on Pharell's skills.
But as Pharell songs go, I don't like it.

Oh, and that 30 second to Mars thing? Never happened. So you are doubly crazy.

sarah said...

Platypus... I WILL FIGHT YOU!

More specifically... I will breakdance fight you. And I will win. And we will listen to this song while I am kicking your arse. And you will love it.