Monday, August 28, 2006

The M effing PNE!

Get ready to SCROLL.

When you go to the PNE, you either go big, or go home. On Saturday, we went big. REAL BIG. 12 hours kind of big. If you don't think that's hardcore, you are a goddamn FOOL! It was the most strange and amazing day ever... allow me to share with you some of the wondrous things that can happen at the PNE...

The whole reason we went there in the first place: NEARLY NEIL.

Getting ready to BRING IT.

They have such crazy things at the PNE... like pop bongs!

This is Amanda with the giantest cow ever! His name is Peter the Great and he weighs about 3400 pounds. THAT'S HUGE!

Remember when I said "Go big or go home?" Craig took it to the hot dog limit.

Then I was all, "Whoa, dude. I can't believe you just took it to the hot dog limit!"

Holy crap is Nearly Neil ever AWESOME! This is us gettin' DOWN. We ain't got no right, no, no we don't... to be so exciting...

And THEN... we got autographed pictures! Mine says "Sarah, it was my pleasure to meet you here tonight."
Holy shit, do you think he's in love with me? Of course he is. Who isn't?

BUT THEN WE GOT OUR PICTURE TAKEN WITH HIM!!! And you thought the autographed pictures were as awesome as it could get!

So that is what happens when you go to the PNE. You know, FUCKING CRAZY AWESOME TIMES AND ALL. Maybe you should get off your duff and go there. Maybe it will blow your mind. (It will. Trust me.)

ALSO... Mary has all the pics up on her Flickr site. You should check it out. There are some classics.

And now I'm done for tonight. I need to go to bed. See you in the morning, fools!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, enjoyed your blog and the pics of Bobby! Glad you had a good time at the show!