Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I too appreciate your friendship.

Funny story. So I was on the phone at work the other day talking to my buddy about work-related issues. At the end of the conversation, this is what he said to me:

Buddy: "So I'll talk to you later, then."
Me: "Word up."
Buddy: "Okay. Love you, bye!"
Me: "Okay, bye!"

Approximately 30 seconds pass before I realize what just happened and say out loud, "Did he just say I love you??? HAHAHAHAHA!!"

Not one minute later, an email pops up in my inbox:

I'm pretty sure I just said I love you when I got off the phone... I guess I'm just used to it...

I then laugh out loud for 5 solid minutes before returning the email and trying not to mock him.

But then I told everyone to say "I love you" at the end of all conversations with him for all eternity. HAHAHAHA!

So friend, here's what I should have said:

Everybody does, I'm just that cool. You have great fashion sense. Bye!


Erin Riley said...

I have a crazy university prof that says if you really want a job, you should close your cover letter with "I love you." He says you'll get the job every time.

Also. I love when friends tell each other that they love each other. Even if it's by accident.

Anonymous said...

Thats actually a very sweet way to end up a conversation...I too do that with my close pals..if u want to check out some cool stuff on friendship...have a look at my blog...best wishes :)